Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 15th Apr 2002 02:32 UTC
Gentoo We got Linux distributions for geeks (Debian), distros for businessmen (Red Hat), home users (Mandrake) and... Germans (SuSE :). However, there was never before a distribution specifically targetting developers and speed, both at the same time. Enter Gentoo Linux, the fastest loading, fastest-operating Linux distribution to date.
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by Eugenia on Mon 15th Apr 2002 16:40 UTC

For Arturas Baranauskas:

> How did you solve this ? I have the same problem, could you send some instructions directly to me, please?

To have KDM by default, do the following.
1. Open /etc/rc.conf and uncommnent the DISPLAYMANAGER= line and put it equal to KDM.
2. Run the command 'rc-update add xdm default' and you are all set for your next reboot.
Now, when your KDM loads up, it gives you the choice of what other window managers you may want to run instead of KDE 3. So, depending if you have equivelant scripts on your /etc/X11/Session/ directory, it will load them there, so you can choose. For example, after you emerge XFCE, make sure there is an on the above dir, and it has inside it:
Do the same for all your other window managers and they will be picked up on KDM automatically.

For Henry Marchbanks:

>Maybe I'm lucky.


> For example, getting startx to load something other than twm is a matter of creating a custom ~/.xinitrc.

I know this. In fact, hacking on the /etc/X11/xinitrc file also will do the same. However, a) I wanted to do a single change for all my users b) you don't understand that this is a review. If something does not work as ADVERTISED, it is a bug. NO MATTER if *I* or *you* have the means to go around by hacking stuff, things should work as advertised for the rest of the users (by using the /etc/rc.conf file as documentation mentions that is). If they not, Houston, we got a problem.

> Terminals inheriting path, etc. should be dependant upon the proper shell initialization files. ie. .bash_profile, .profile, etc.

Oh, no other Linux I tried had the problem I mentioned. And at the end of the day, WHY Konsole should have the correct path and xterm not, under the same X session? That does not make any sense. Again, adding "source /etc/profile" on my ~/.bash_profile is something that will probably solve *my* problem, but again things are not working as they SHOULD HAVE. This is why this gets a mention.

> She seems to be complaining about her lack of ability to properly customize linux to her own tastes.

I complain for things that don't work as advertised, and that are likely to confuse newbies. My Gentoo is as customized as I want it to be, thank you very much.

For Dave:

> Has anyone mentioned yet how quickly Mac OS X boots/shutsdown?

On the G3 500 iMac I used last year, it took more than a minute to load and about 30 secs to shut down.

For Anonymous:

> There are too many english language errors throughout this article and throughout the site.

Read here:
Personally, I don't give a fuck. We do OSNews for purely fun. We do it for providing a site with useful information and news, we are not going for the Pulitzer award. If you do have a problem though, either do what is suggested in the above URL, or save yourself the trouble and don't come back. Really.