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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris This is a critical review of the installation, setup and actual performance of the Mandrake distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system, version 9.1, and comes as a second part of's Mandrake review. (You can see part I here.) The review will cover these areas: (1) Installation and install-related setup; (2) Post-installation system administration; and (3) System performance. The review will end with a general evaluation and will assign grades on relevant areas.
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RE: Re Re ; Heh
by ieam on Sat 13th Sep 2003 08:50 UTC

Yes!! You can look at SuSE... for free???? If you pay for Mandrake you won't get advertising! If you download it you will get some bookmarks preinstalled and advertising in the installation process... oh my god, what a pity, mandrake guys have sold out!! [/irony]
I recommend you read this article:
(by the way, excuse my poor english)