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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris This is a critical review of the installation, setup and actual performance of the Mandrake distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system, version 9.1, and comes as a second part of's Mandrake review. (You can see part I here.) The review will cover these areas: (1) Installation and install-related setup; (2) Post-installation system administration; and (3) System performance. The review will end with a general evaluation and will assign grades on relevant areas.
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Mandrake ads...
by Dawnrider on Sat 13th Sep 2003 10:39 UTC

It's amusing, really. Mandrake intend to have only adverts in the install procedure and useful bookmarks already in place for Linux companies. So maybe links to MySQL, IBM and people like that.

The adverts aren't there in usual use, so there is no difference in user experience, in fact, the bookmarks are actually useful!

Compare this with web sites like OSNews, PCLinuxOnline, Newsforge and Slashdot, which sometimes have complimentary adverts, but sometimes have unrelated stuff, too. Personally, I'm never going to use the silly online photo storage thing that the advert for is currently running at the top of my open window for newsforge.

So all in all, I really don't understand why people frequenting such sites, and being barraged by mindless, useless adverts every day are opposed to something which might actually be helpful to them.