Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sat 13th Sep 2003 03:48 UTC
Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris This is a critical review of the installation, setup and actual performance of the Mandrake distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system, version 9.1, and comes as a second part of's Mandrake review. (You can see part I here.) The review will cover these areas: (1) Installation and install-related setup; (2) Post-installation system administration; and (3) System performance. The review will end with a general evaluation and will assign grades on relevant areas.
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by DarkStalker on Sat 13th Sep 2003 12:55 UTC

AdamW: I think it will end up meeting the September 20th date. I've been using 9.2 RC2 and it is nice and ready for full release in my opinion. I was really worried after trying out 9.2 RC1 because performance was highly jerky. Under RC2, my computer has never been snappier. What do you know, an OS that actually gets faster and uses less resources with each new version. Someone needs to explain how to do that to Microsoft.

(I say this because there's no way you could run any recent MS OS on this box, a PII 300mhz, but yet I can use all the latest Linux distros. Yeah, yeah.. I know, I'm poor.)