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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris This is a critical review of the installation, setup and actual performance of the Mandrake distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system, version 9.1, and comes as a second part of's Mandrake review. (You can see part I here.) The review will cover these areas: (1) Installation and install-related setup; (2) Post-installation system administration; and (3) System performance. The review will end with a general evaluation and will assign grades on relevant areas.
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buying an ad-free drisro, web ads
by tech_user on Sat 13th Sep 2003 15:36 UTC

two points:
* web ads are not OS ads. a web page does not run your essential services. or should not. your OS does. you don't trust the contents of ean external web page. you should be able to trust your OS a little more.

* there is an argument against ads in the free version: most people will try the free version before they buy. i know thati didn't buy the 9.1 release because having tried the 9.1 dowload, it had too many broken things in areas that were important to me. its not like M$ - where you buy on trust. linux was supposed to be different. if 9.2 download is good - i'll buy the box.

do mandrake actually know the mechanisms behind their customers purchasing habits?

here in the UK the local pcworld store employee says that people buy the redhat boxes because they know what it is. they've played with it. and the want the non-commerical extras. he says theu don't sell much suse because people don't know what it is. there's little/no free download for them to try. he suggests his suse purchasers buy it because it has a fancier design on the box!