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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris This is a critical review of the installation, setup and actual performance of the Mandrake distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system, version 9.1, and comes as a second part of's Mandrake review. (You can see part I here.) The review will cover these areas: (1) Installation and install-related setup; (2) Post-installation system administration; and (3) System performance. The review will end with a general evaluation and will assign grades on relevant areas.
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RE: Matt P (TheDude)
by Nonamenobdy on Mon 15th Sep 2003 16:12 UTC

>> Mirror the entire SUSE 8.2 directory to a local ftp server at your house and do it over Ethernet. Other than that, buy it. I bought SUSE and regretted it. Now my servers run Debian and Redhat, my desktop is Mandrake, and my firewall is OpenBSD. I bought every one except Mandrake but I will be buying 9.2

If he had a network card which was supported Linux (i.e. the kernel and therefore all distro's out of the box), that he could use for a local FTP install, surely he would be using that for the regular FTP install.

MattP, you can download the files you think you will need (e.g. leave most of the 3 GB of source) to your harddisk and install from there, or you can burn them to DVD-R. Or you could even buy a wireless adaptor that works 'out of the box' with SuSE (they support quite a few).