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Slackware, Slax For almost a week now, I've been using Slackware 9.1 (RC-1 released today), and I am having a blast. Slackware doesn't have more than 6-8% of the Linux market these days, but it used to be one of the most-used distros back in the day. Today, many think of Slackware as a true classic, a thought that is often accompanied by a feeling that Slackware is not a user-friendly or an uber-modern Linux distribution. There is some truth in that statement, but there is always the big "But". Read on for our very positive experience with Slackware 9.1-pre. Update: In less than 24 hours since the RC-1, Slackware 9.1 RC-2 is out.
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You're right.

My cleanly installed Gentoo, running X and Fluxbox, takes up about 24megs.

At the minute, I'm running Gaim (with 2 chat windows), Mozilla (with 4 windows open), Sylpheed-Claws, X, Eterm (running irssi), 4 aterms (3 bittorrent downloads, and mp3blaster), Fluxbox and Fluxter (pager), and consuming 217megs RAM.

Just running a freshly booted XP takes up about 250megs on my machine.

I have 1024megs RAM anyway, so it doesn't really matter in the end, but the troll that posted the original artical is either mis-informed, has a crappy setup, or is just flamebaiting.