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Slackware, Slax For almost a week now, I've been using Slackware 9.1 (RC-1 released today), and I am having a blast. Slackware doesn't have more than 6-8% of the Linux market these days, but it used to be one of the most-used distros back in the day. Today, many think of Slackware as a true classic, a thought that is often accompanied by a feeling that Slackware is not a user-friendly or an uber-modern Linux distribution. There is some truth in that statement, but there is always the big "But". Read on for our very positive experience with Slackware 9.1-pre. Update: In less than 24 hours since the RC-1, Slackware 9.1 RC-2 is out.
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A whole bunch of crap.
by Anonymous on Wed 24th Sep 2003 15:00 UTC

When it really gets down to it, there's really little to know difference among the Linux distros. No, slackware isn't any faster than SUSE, and Red Hat isn't any slower than Lindows, neither is Mandrake slickier than Knoppix, or whatever.

So, what makes them different. Well, just two features

i). An easy init system and
ii). A great package management system.

Based on my above criteria, you can't go wrong with two and only two distros. On the part of binary distros, debian comes out at the pinnacle. On behalf the source distros, please put your hands together for gentoo.

Please rethink using any distro that forces you upgrade or update only through biannual and annual CDs. The idea alone is repugnant. Having said that, and based on the above mentioned criteria, 95% of all other Linux distros are a bunch of crap.

Undoubtedly, this comment will generate avalanche of flames. But I'm pleased the internet is an avenue where opinions are shared, analyzed and critized, no matter how silly they may be. Does slackware provide me with my pertinent features?