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Slackware, Slax For almost a week now, I've been using Slackware 9.1 (RC-1 released today), and I am having a blast. Slackware doesn't have more than 6-8% of the Linux market these days, but it used to be one of the most-used distros back in the day. Today, many think of Slackware as a true classic, a thought that is often accompanied by a feeling that Slackware is not a user-friendly or an uber-modern Linux distribution. There is some truth in that statement, but there is always the big "But". Read on for our very positive experience with Slackware 9.1-pre. Update: In less than 24 hours since the RC-1, Slackware 9.1 RC-2 is out.
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rc scripts
by johnG on Wed 24th Sep 2003 18:31 UTC

TLy wrote:
I installed Debian last night via Morphix liveCD and I used "update-rc.d <script-name> remove" to remove services/daemons from the default run level, <script-name> is any one of the scripts found in /etc/init.d

I just discovered rcconf which is even easier. ;)

Also, Gent, thanks for answering the installation question.

Also also -- misuse of the word literally is almost as annoying as folks consistently mispelling separate, and also folks using "begs the question" when they mean "suggests the question". ;) Now, lessee, where's my copy of Strunk & White...