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Slackware, Slax For almost a week now, I've been using Slackware 9.1 (RC-1 released today), and I am having a blast. Slackware doesn't have more than 6-8% of the Linux market these days, but it used to be one of the most-used distros back in the day. Today, many think of Slackware as a true classic, a thought that is often accompanied by a feeling that Slackware is not a user-friendly or an uber-modern Linux distribution. There is some truth in that statement, but there is always the big "But". Read on for our very positive experience with Slackware 9.1-pre. Update: In less than 24 hours since the RC-1, Slackware 9.1 RC-2 is out.
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RE: A whole bunch of crap
by Adi Wibowo on Wed 24th Sep 2003 20:52 UTC

Any distro that makes you upgrade only and only from a CD only every few weeks, months, or years should be avioded. There, I think I phrased it better now. I'm not hear to mention names, I might offend others in the process.

Still, I don't know any major distro that doesn't provide update / upgrade freely from their website. RH, Mdrk, Suse, Debian, Slackware, etc they are all provide this kind of upgrade. So I don't know what point you want to show with that statement.

7). provide one with a repository or ports of all packages known to man.

I don't want my distro maker put ALL text editor found in sourceforge. all media player found in internet, etc.
Sorry I really want my distro maker to concentrate on few good and selected choice, not all apps known to man.

9). provides update to official stable packages in a timely manner. When KDe-3.2 pops out, I'll probably be using it the next day on gentoo.

There is a reason why not all stable release needs to be packed in time they are released. Wise guy will wait for a couple of time (days, weeks, months) to make sure no bug sliped. Remember kernel 2.4.0?

That is not my kind of good package management system too.

11). It's so easy to use, my grandma uses it while eating dorritos.

Heh, that won't happen. I work at software development division and have experience guiding people from almost 40 institutions, and I KNOW how hard people understand about installing software.