Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 30th Sep 2003 05:20 UTC
General Development In the dawn of the renovation of's web site, David Zeuthen announced the release of HAL 0.1. HAL is an implementation of a hardware abstraction layer, as defined by Havoc Pennington's paper. It encompasses a shared library for use in applications, a daemon, a hotplug tool, command line tools and a set of stock device info files. Carlos Perelló Marín also announced the design of a similar concept, but it is expected the two projects to merge. More people are encouraged to join this innovative project. Elsewhere, Gnome's Seth Nickell is giving us a first taste of his effort to replace the Init system.
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by Eugenia on Tue 30th Sep 2003 07:53 UTC

> I dont understand all the effort people put into creating new graphical interfaces is NOT an effort to create a new DE. It is an effort to unit the *backends* of the existing DEs, so they share the same protocols on the *backend* of their architectures. This way, you don't have to create bookmarks or MIME types or menus twice on your DEs, they will be recognized and used automatically, no matter what DE you are using! It is all about interoperability and integration.

> the Linux CLI works just fine and does not require so much recources.

Yeah, but you can't see our nifty OSNews logo with lynx. ;)