Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 30th Sep 2003 05:20 UTC
General Development In the dawn of the renovation of's web site, David Zeuthen announced the release of HAL 0.1. HAL is an implementation of a hardware abstraction layer, as defined by Havoc Pennington's paper. It encompasses a shared library for use in applications, a daemon, a hotplug tool, command line tools and a set of stock device info files. Carlos Perelló Marín also announced the design of a similar concept, but it is expected the two projects to merge. More people are encouraged to join this innovative project. Elsewhere, Gnome's Seth Nickell is giving us a first taste of his effort to replace the Init system.
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by Eugenia on Tue 30th Sep 2003 14:32 UTC

>But you can see the logo with links in graphical mode, ever tried that?

Yes, I have. w3m too. I even have a screenshot of osnews running on all three of them. Remember, osnews runs great on these text mode browsers. Check our icon at the bottom of the page. ;)