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General Development In the dawn of the renovation of's web site, David Zeuthen announced the release of HAL 0.1. HAL is an implementation of a hardware abstraction layer, as defined by Havoc Pennington's paper. It encompasses a shared library for use in applications, a daemon, a hotplug tool, command line tools and a set of stock device info files. Carlos Perelló Marín also announced the design of a similar concept, but it is expected the two projects to merge. More people are encouraged to join this innovative project. Elsewhere, Gnome's Seth Nickell is giving us a first taste of his effort to replace the Init system.
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by oGALAXYo on Tue 30th Sep 2003 21:05 UTC

> he hangs out in #gnome on gimpnet and trolls...

I think you are getting quite unfair here. And your definition of trolling simply sucks as much as your entire comment to sum it up. I do hang out in #gnome on gimpnet - and this NOT since yesterday. I'm there for more than 3.5 years. What you call 'trolling' because the evil, evil galaxy doesn't agree with something - is simple having an own opinion of something. I'm not blindly following every step they walk. I think that in all these years that I made good contributions around GNOME, be it as active member of a project, contributions and my own projects that are meant to help you people enjoying this Desktop. But it's nothing compared to the contributions that others made.

I have my very own opinion and I raise them in hope that someone may realize that I may be as well right as the people on freedesktop that many others in here claim ALWAYS to be right regardless if they jump off of the balcony to leave the house or use the door which has been proven for decades of men being to be the better choice.

I'm not criticising the freedesktop people for being not clever, I only give constructive comments on a news forum why I (as individual person) think that this 'solution' is a bad thing. I'm not going to them and chop their heads off just because they have their own ideas.

I think that many of you readers here (if capable of course) need to calm down a lot here and stop calling people being 'trolls' just for god's sake to have their own opinion. I'm not comming here to insult you people, I'm comming here to have normal conversation. If you call everyone a 'troll' who is not sharing the same opinion like Havoc Pennington or Seth Nickel then we soon have a serious big problem in this community. The problem of egoism and ignorance of other peoples opinion. In case none of you people realized it already, this is a general problem we in GNOME have trapped ourself into, the people FEAR to raise their opinion in the public or on mailinglist because they are being declared as 'trolls' and at the end those with strange ideas will always be the winner.

If you people think that they (the core devs) are doing everything the right way then why don't they continue hacking GNOME on their own then and stop bothering people with having them contribute to their project if their aim is only to play the 'milk cow' that you can suck up. Like 'hey thanks for your patch and bugfix and now go away'. GNOME is a community project, based upon teamwork and respect to everyone. Sadly none of you people realize this. It entertains me getting labeled as 'troll' from people who just were able to halfway setup and run GNOME - but haven't done anything else for it so far.