Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 1st Oct 2003 23:09 UTC
General Development OSNews was the first news magazine to break the story on Gnome's Seth Nickell effort to replace the Init system. Soon, it became confusing to many readers as to if Seth is planning to completely replace the Init system or simply "bridge" it. We had a chat with Seth and discussed about his plans on the project (which is a personal project so far) and for Storage, an exciting project which aims to replace the traditional filesystem with a new database-based document store.
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Slackware has a clever way to init...
by wazoox on Thu 2nd Oct 2003 15:59 UTC

Slackware boots fast. Slack init script is simple and easy to read, edit and adapt. For instance, I noticed that running /sbin/ldconfig was taking too much time; I just added "&" after "/sbin/ldconfig" command line and voilą, it just runs in the background. Actually I did the same with nfs services and guess what? My machine boots in a mere 15 seconds from SCSI BIOS to GDM.