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General Development OSNews was the first news magazine to break the story on Gnome's Seth Nickell effort to replace the Init system. Soon, it became confusing to many readers as to if Seth is planning to completely replace the Init system or simply "bridge" it. We had a chat with Seth and discussed about his plans on the project (which is a personal project so far) and for Storage, an exciting project which aims to replace the traditional filesystem with a new database-based document store.
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What is it for anyway.
by Kay Hayen on Thu 2nd Oct 2003 20:01 UTC


are you in any way aware of the init script speedup by using make utils demonstrately lately by IBM DeveloperWorks? This system basically works that way:

Your dependencies end up being a makefile more or less. Some services need others to be run before starting them. Run levels are a target in this makefile.

Now the beauty is: make -j 5 boot_up

this run instead of init will execute 5 processes in paralell. The time spend busy waiting for something to appear makes booting slow. Not shell or something. The init scripts barely need modification. You can even change back to serial execution with: make book_up

So what gives python here? Nothing at all.

The DBus sounds like an interesting thing. I am sure a loadable Apache module could be written and a lean linking library could supply an interface to the desktop for all services.

But did you really think? Do you Gnome people suddenly want people to have options? Does it matter that much if inetd or init starts apache? Even if, my Debian allows for that already in a clean way. They add it to inetd.conf AND make the init script check if it's commented in or out. All you need is to button to provide the comment. If you need that in your desktop.

The LSB standard is a good one. Enhance it with such good ideas as the Debian ones. Don't write things anew that can easily be enhanced.