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General Development OSNews was the first news magazine to break the story on Gnome's Seth Nickell effort to replace the Init system. Soon, it became confusing to many readers as to if Seth is planning to completely replace the Init system or simply "bridge" it. We had a chat with Seth and discussed about his plans on the project (which is a personal project so far) and for Storage, an exciting project which aims to replace the traditional filesystem with a new database-based document store.
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Good Idea & Bad Idea
by Matthew C. tedder on Fri 3rd Oct 2003 03:13 UTC

Lycoris has a desktop that starts up very quickly and does not have anything that a desktop doesn't need. I mean--not even xinetd (or inetd). Good. But UNIX and GNU/Linux were designed from the ground up to be timesharing systems. At home, I don't know what you want to do, but in an organization (perhaps even at home) it makes no sense to run a GNU/Linux desktop OS on all your PCs.

It makes far more sense to run it on desktop servers that provide GUI desktops and GUI applications to X terminals. It's a networked, timesharing system all the way. Trying to change it into something that isn't, is twisting it in ways fundamentally opposed to its use... You should, in that case, be using Embedix or something.

In the market place, Linux manageability as a terminal server makes vastly more sense. It's far easier to manage and a fraction of the cost, both upfront and longterm. Windows has absolutely no remote chance of matching the value proposition.