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Multimedia, AV In the past in order to make good home movies one needed either a Mac or a Windows PC. There were no good video editors for Linux in the past. Today with Jahshaka and Main Actor the things that could only be done on a Mac or a Wintel machine can now be done on a Lintel machine as well.
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Re: Linux pro apps
by Rayiner Hashem on Mon 6th Oct 2003 17:16 UTC

Linux seems to be a rather popular platform for specific segments of the media industry.

1) Its got high-end 3D covered with ports of both SoftImage XSI and Maya. ILM uses mostly Linux workstations for its 3D pipeline these days.

2) Its got a good start into animation. Toonz (a very high-end animation program) is available on Linux, and tools like Photoshop can be run emulated. Disney used Linux desktops for most of its animators while doing the movie Sinbad They ported their own code to Qt, and ran Photoshop under WINE.

3) Its got a good start into certain aspects of post-production. Shake, one of the most popular high-end compositing programs, has a Linux port. Shake was used in Blade II to composit a scene, and FilmGimp was used in Scooby-Doo.

Check out:
Note that the page is missing some more recent movies.