Linked by Roberto J. Dohnert on Mon 6th Oct 2003 01:36 UTC
Multimedia, AV In the past in order to make good home movies one needed either a Mac or a Windows PC. There were no good video editors for Linux in the past. Today with Jahshaka and Main Actor the things that could only be done on a Mac or a Wintel machine can now be done on a Lintel machine as well.
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RE: @Anonymous
by cheezwog on Mon 6th Oct 2003 19:08 UTC

" it's better to get the UI friendly and "right" with an engine of limited capability, then work on improving the engine"

But that's the boring bit! ;) I know what you mean though, and the same could be said of many Linux apps. This has lead to seperate projects appearing that just work on front ends though (for mplayer for example) so it's not necessarily always a problem.

I'm still hoping someone will port 'Virtual Dub' to Linux. It's an easy to use, fast and extremely useful program for format conversion, lossless editing and restoration of video. It's GPL'd too!