Linked by David Adams on Mon 6th Oct 2003 19:34 UTC
Bugs & Viruses It's an oft-repeated maxim that one of the reasons that Windows operating systems are plagued by so many viruses, worms, and security exploits is because they are so popular. Extrapolating on this, many have remarked that if Linux, MacOS, or other OSes become more popular, they will attract the attention of virus writers. That may be true, but the increased attention will not necessarily yield the same quantity of viruses and other exploits, says a Register article. Update: Rebuttal article.
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other Os's
by peragrin on Mon 6th Oct 2003 19:55 UTC

It isn't pure marketshare probelm. the first virus writer to make a mass worm for mac osX would be very well known in no time. Linux is the most hacked OS(accroading to truely independant source). Any system can be insecure if not set up right. But only on Microsoft products can, SQL slammer, Blaster, Sobig.f bring down the Internet, in hours. You can hack a linux box, but you can't use it to automatically search out another box to attack. SQL slammer was what 376 bytes long. That is smaller than this paragraph.