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Bugs & Viruses It's an oft-repeated maxim that one of the reasons that Windows operating systems are plagued by so many viruses, worms, and security exploits is because they are so popular. Extrapolating on this, many have remarked that if Linux, MacOS, or other OSes become more popular, they will attract the attention of virus writers. That may be true, but the increased attention will not necessarily yield the same quantity of viruses and other exploits, says a Register article. Update: Rebuttal article.
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RE: Running Win2K as 'Root'
by Brian on Tue 7th Oct 2003 12:04 UTC

I have yet to find an application that I have to run as ROOTADMIN under W2KXP... Granted installation requires admin mostly to write reg keys and drop files in certain locations. We just finished a huge migration to windows xp with around severeal hundred apps on our base image and we found no applications we could not get to work without admin rights. Granted we did have to change permissions on some reg keys and some select files but using a regmon and filemon we were able to find and document theese changes and then provide feedback to the devlopers so they could fix theese issues. Most problems with apps is when they are designed to run on 9xment2kxp all with one code base... slowly but surely devlopers are getting the point about security... Anyone else notice some of you newer games gives you a choice about wether everyone should be able to run this game or not (I think this is mostly Microsoft Games) but others will soon follow.