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Bugs & Viruses It's an oft-repeated maxim that one of the reasons that Windows operating systems are plagued by so many viruses, worms, and security exploits is because they are so popular. Extrapolating on this, many have remarked that if Linux, MacOS, or other OSes become more popular, they will attract the attention of virus writers. That may be true, but the increased attention will not necessarily yield the same quantity of viruses and other exploits, says a Register article. Update: Rebuttal article.
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rebuttal article is bullshit
by appleforever on Tue 7th Oct 2003 12:56 UTC

First, the guy starts off with a strawman, saying people are arguing that linux is invincible. Nobody said that at the Register. They said Linux is MORE secure, not perfectly secure.

Second, I love how the guy tries to get past the fact that in linux (or OS X) only the user's data can be destroyed, not the system files. He asserts it's no big deal to rebuild the system, just stick in a few floppies. This is false. If Windows go south with some unexplainable virus, you might have to rebuilt the entire thing including the system and reinstall all drivers and apps. Lot of work. Second, it's hard to back up the whole system because of the size, while backing up user data (at least data like calendar, email, text type documents) is feasible.

Anyways, at the end of the day, does it really matter why windows is plagued by virus, worms, spyware, adware? It is. That's the simple truth and it ain't going away.