Linked by Roberto J. Dohnert on Mon 6th Oct 2003 01:36 UTC
Multimedia, AV In the past in order to make good home movies one needed either a Mac or a Windows PC. There were no good video editors for Linux in the past. Today with Jahshaka and Main Actor the things that could only be done on a Mac or a Wintel machine can now be done on a Lintel machine as well.
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by Niklas Lönnbro on Wed 8th Oct 2003 12:17 UTC

What's the point in publishing this? The gist of it all seems to be that QT is superior to gtk, KDE to Gnome and SUSE to all other distributions. The author doesn't seem to be so interested in the programs the article is supposedly about and comparisons with commercial counterparts are inaccurate. I would welcome a real review of the programs in question and maybe also an overview of the currently available programs in this genre.