Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 10th Oct 2003 03:55 UTC, submitted by Kermit Woodall
Morphos This page is dedicated to providing information on running Linux on the Pegasos. ISO images included. We would love to see a better Yellow Dog Linux support and also Darwin on Pegasos.
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Re : Pegasos Platform Gets More Linux Support
by Eugenia on Fri 10th Oct 2003 06:55 UTC

> You have to consider, they'd have to develop their own desktop environment for it

No, nobody says to go clean-slate and redo everything. That would be madness. What I am saying, is to modify the looks, gnome-panel, nautilus and context menus etc. of Gnome (or the equivelants of KDE) and then create a product that is *different enough*, and yet based and *still compatible* with Gnome/KDE. Think more of what Ximian does for Gnome, but just one step further. API compatibility should be retained, otherwise you lose easy porting of apps.

> and then provide developers with some incentive to port to it.

API and source compatibility should be retained no matter what. It is important to get apps easily.