Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 10th Oct 2003 03:55 UTC, submitted by Kermit Woodall
Morphos This page is dedicated to providing information on running Linux on the Pegasos. ISO images included. We would love to see a better Yellow Dog Linux support and also Darwin on Pegasos.
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Re: Pegasos Platform Gets More Linux Support
by Eugenia on Fri 10th Oct 2003 07:17 UTC

Apple maintains Darwin. That's enough bunch of coders. Plus, Darwin is more optimized for the PPC platform than Linux is.

Both Linux and Darwin are POSIX, so I don't see the difficulty of porting let's say, gnome or kde, to either of those. The difficulty would be the same.

Moreover, Darwin uses a license that won't force Genesi to open source everything if they don't want to. In fact, if Genesi wants to retain this differentation, they could do it easily than with Linux. Depends what Genesi feels like doing.