Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 10th Oct 2003 03:55 UTC, submitted by Kermit Woodall
Morphos This page is dedicated to providing information on running Linux on the Pegasos. ISO images included. We would love to see a better Yellow Dog Linux support and also Darwin on Pegasos.
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Re: Pegasos Platform Gets More Linux Support
by Eugenia on Fri 10th Oct 2003 07:29 UTC

>Someone has to maintain the drivers to allow it to run on the Pegasos, and I don't see Apple doing that.

Well, in this hypothetical scenario we discuss here today, Genesi just keeps doing what they do with MorphOS: develop and maintain. The same they would have to do about Darwin. I am not talking about Genesi becoming a distributor a-la Linux, I am talking about doing some real engineering. Without the right amount of engineering and support, no Platfrom can survive. Apple does the same, they have a platform, and they develop and maintain it. They live the Linux maintainance to others, but they have a main OS product that they put all care in: MacOSX. Same should be for Genesi: Darwin (or whatever marketing OS name Genesi will come up with for differentiation sake).
Nobody says that it is easy, or that all work should be done by the community. To support a whole platform you need the right kind of guts. And engineers.