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Morphos This page is dedicated to providing information on running Linux on the Pegasos. ISO images included. We would love to see a better Yellow Dog Linux support and also Darwin on Pegasos.
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Apple suing
by John Blink on Fri 10th Oct 2003 10:03 UTC

Sven writes...
Apple has sued for similar themes and other such flimsy things in the past, you can bet they would sue for anything meaningfull you do on top of Darwin, apart from simply running an X server and some common desktop environment which will be more work to support anyway.

So why don't they sue for the MorphOS GUI, don't tell me that it can be changed, I already know that. So can GNOME.

But I should say I think MorphOS would probably have a more responsive UI than GNOME+Xfree+Darwin.

Why not put MorphOS GUI on top of Darwin, and then you would have to worry about kernel development. You can leave the kernel and UNIX base to Apple, and Genesi can work on the UI and API's, while the OpenSource community can work on providing drivers for peripherals.

Is that so hard.