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Morphos This page is dedicated to providing information on running Linux on the Pegasos. ISO images included. We would love to see a better Yellow Dog Linux support and also Darwin on Pegasos.
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by aliquis on Fri 10th Oct 2003 10:47 UTC

"Though, if I had to run another OS on a PPC, for the moment I'd choose Linux. Why? Simple reason, IBM. If I wanted to run Java; use their JVM. Potentially other enterprise software such as DB2, Websphere etc could run on Pegasos Linux. This differentiates Linux from a hobby OS.
Don't count on Sun/IBM/Apple releasing Java for Darwin."

Java is beeing ported to the MorphOS as we speach.


Please hack some patches for MacOS X which make it run on the Pegasos =D


"And if you plan on putting Gnome on Darwin, you could as well put it on top of Linux or on top of Solaris or HPUX for that matter."

Solaris for PPC would be cool, but I doubt we'll see it. Nice that they changed their opinions and keeped on developing it for the x86 thought.


"Are you telling me that Apple has a driver problem? You forget what a Platform is. YOU control the platform, the way Apple does its own. If Darwin can't have "enough drivers", what makes you think that MorphOS can???"

Apple doesn't need to support many gfx adapters since they just bundle geforce4 and ati radeon with their hardware, and that's it.
MorphOS got a better change to get decent drivers and programs than various open source oses simply because it's an propietary os. If you are doing stuff like that for an open source os you give away your specs, ip and company "secrets" away to anyone, and some companies doesn't want to do that so they feel much more secure in the case of a closed source os.

"Huh? Who talked about Quartz? Have you any idea what Darwin is? Your Darwin would run on XFree my friend! All graphics drivers, all Gnomes and KDEs, are all already there "for free". Darwin is a unix, it is a FreeBSD+Mach."

You have no idea what you are talking about, to begin with the drivers might actually be part of quartz and not the darwin kernel, and darwin can never "run on xfree" since xfree is the toll which makes the graphical magic on top of whatever kernel you are using. Kde and Gnome doesn't make drivers, they are desktop environments based on the toolkits QT and GTK which are there to make it easier for developers to make a consistant look and easier to code graphical applications.

"EXACTLY why I said that you need INNOVATION and DIFFERENTIATION. This is where your engineering will go, NOT in trying to port KDE and Gnome. These are already ported!"

They DO engineering, a motherboard and an os to begin with, makeing a theme for gnome isn't engineering.

"And so your Darwin would be. Why an non-Amiga person would like to purchase Pegasos and work with the crashing and under-featured MorphOS? I don't get it, I am sorry."

Why would they use Darwin without apps even if it had gnome then they could use linux and get more software support? and as sven said just add a theme for gnome in that case.

"No, the incentive is to actually excite x86 users with the unique Darwin (that's for PC users who can't afford Macs or can't install Darwin on x86 (it is a b*tch to install it on x86)), not Mac users. It works the other way around."

Why on earth would you run darwin on x86? The cool thing is macos x, not the weird kernel mixture.