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Morphos This page is dedicated to providing information on running Linux on the Pegasos. ISO images included. We would love to see a better Yellow Dog Linux support and also Darwin on Pegasos.
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by aliquis on Fri 10th Oct 2003 11:11 UTC

I agree with you at 110% on Zeta for Pegasos, that would be awesome, the question is if Yellowtab is intrested, they should be since you got a much better chance to succed with an alternative os on the PPC platform than on x86 simply because 99.5% of the x86 people will end up using windows in the end anyway. It doesn't matter which os is available and which one they have installed on their machines, sooner or later they need an application which requires windows and that's the things which forces them all back to it all the time.
On PPC on the other side there is no Windows, and all other oses got a decent chance.
Regarding shipping the Pegasos2 is supposed to start shipping at the 15 October, for a price of 299 euro together with a 600MHz G3 or 499 euro with a 1GHz G4, this includes MorphOS and the superbundle.
Owners of the Pegasos1 are supposed to be able to upgrade to the peg2 for a price of 200 euro, and their old Pegasos1 boards will be available for developers and others which just want a simple test ride for only 99 euro.


For some reason KDE always seems so much better then gnome no matter who talks, less layers, less languages, easier apis and so on. Would be intresting to hear why you are codeing for gnome instead thought, but we can take that personally =)
I also belive that QNX Photon as gui on top of neutrino must be way more effecient than some program on top of 3-4 layers which in their turn is on top of gtk which is on top of 1-2 layers more on top of xfree86 on top of linux.


John Blink:
"She is correct here, you argument about drivers does not hold. Because that community (the linux one that you say would provide better drivers for PPC) has already provided for graphics drivers in Xfree86. Xfree86 is where you will get your graphics drivers. "

Please do understand that the XFree86 drivers generally SUCK, that's why people beg for nvidia and ati to release drivers of their own.

"So why don't they sue for the MorphOS GUI, don't tell me that it can be changed, I already know that. So can GNOME."

The MorphOS gui is supposed to look like a fresh version of AmigaOS, not MacOS. Only think it has in common with MacOSX is the bar, but many had a startmenu before MacOSX so i wish them good luck on that topic.

"Why not put MorphOS GUI on top of Darwin, and then you would have to worry about kernel development. You can leave the kernel and UNIX base to Apple, and Genesi can work on the UI and API's, while the OpenSource community can work on providing drivers for peripherals."

They already have the Quark kernel which is modern enough, they have made an A-box for it so you can run Amiga applications, and much other work the get MorphOS, why on earth would they change that to some weird open-source kernel on which they can't decide there they would like to go? Do you think it would have been possible to make it easy to run amiga systemfriendly programs on the darwin kernel? I think not. You are all so owned by the gnu zealots and hype.