Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 10th Oct 2003 03:55 UTC, submitted by Kermit Woodall
Morphos This page is dedicated to providing information on running Linux on the Pegasos. ISO images included. We would love to see a better Yellow Dog Linux support and also Darwin on Pegasos.
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Re: Zeta
by Roberto J. Dohnert on Fri 10th Oct 2003 13:00 UTC

<< For zeta to run on genesis , Yellowtab needs the BeOS that imo they don't have (they'd have fixed the 1 Giog issue if they had the kernel sources). Since beos never had a HAL (hence the Pios project that never got finished), Zeta does not have a HAL and potring it to genesis is *impossible*. OpenBeOS being writtent from scratch and already having pcc support from newos is a better choice for a brigth PPC beos future (but with no apps, because I don't think openbeos will use Apple proprietary binary format used in beos ppc).>>

That would all depend, first let me start off by saying that I dont know if Yellowtab has the kernel sources or not nor do i care, but sometimes you have to let some bugs go for the time being because If you try to fix some you could break something else that is more important so I wouldnt say whether yes or no to the question of if they have the kernel sources, but the question is; Are their engineers knowledgable enough to fix the problem?