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Morphos This page is dedicated to providing information on running Linux on the Pegasos. ISO images included. We would love to see a better Yellow Dog Linux support and also Darwin on Pegasos.
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Operating Systems for Pegasos
by Daniel Miller on Sat 11th Oct 2003 10:10 UTC

Jim Steichen, Author of AmigaTalk says:

> Without being able to purchase the PegaSoS, Genesi can
> claim to run Windoze & Mac OsX as well; who is there to
> dispute them when there is no hardware available to
> verify their claims?

Well wait, there are about 600 machines out there so you can get the independent verification you are talking about, and then Genesi intends to get another 500 out shortly. I personally witnessed OS X running on a Pegasos via Mac on Linux. This was at CES back in January, and I've seen it demoed since as well. I read a detailed review of a not current version of Windows running in Bochs emulator in MorphOS, so that is on the level too, but that is just straight emulation and Genesi does not claim to "run Windoze." And really, who the heck would want to buy a Pegasos to do that?!

Now QNX for Pegasos is an interesting case. We haven't seen much independently confirmed on that, and people are asking about it. My understanding is that such a QNX version is under development, and in an advanced stage, but still not ready for public consumption at this time.

MorphOS gets a bum rap sometimes. My personal experience is that it got a lot more stable with v. 1.4, which was surprising considering that 1.4 introduced all sorts of new features such as the JIT, Trance. People who knock MorphOS should make sure they have the latest version. It got a lot better. MorphOS is the standard for Pegasos and people tend to expect more from it than the other OS projects for Pegasos, which are cut some slack for being in developmental or experimental stages. So MorphOS takes flak from some Pegasos users which is fair enough, but it also getting good reviews from others. And it is improving.