Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 15th Oct 2003 22:47 UTC
Mac OS X I was able to try out and preview Mac OS X Panther 10.3 for the past few months after WWDC and for the last few days I am running a latest version. So, what to expect from Mac OS X when it comes out on the evening of October 24th? Come in and have a look in this preview article. Update: screenshots removed at request of Apple.
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by Millennium on Thu 16th Oct 2003 12:35 UTC

Re your request for a Control-Z keyboard shortcut; keep in mind that it would be Command-Z on a Mac. Macs have Control keys, but have never used them for keyboard shortcuts; that is a Windows phenomenon. However, the command would otherwise work the same way. This is just a nitpick more than anything else.

As for the Windows Media Player plugin, Microsoft makes one for the Mac. However, it is an ActiveX control, and therefore it only works in IE/Mac. Yes, IE/Mac can use ActiveX controls, but they have to be specifically written for the Mac; I suspect that the WiMP/Mac plugin is probably the only such ActiveX control in existence. Because IE/Mac can also use the standard Netscape plugin architecture used by all other browsers, most people writing Mac browser plugins write only in that architecture, thus covering all Mac browsers which use plugins at all.

Will Microsoft rewrite the WiMP/Mac plugin using this standard architecture? That's unclear. Given that IE/Mac has been discontinued, there are no browsers left on Mac which can use the old technology, so it's at least theoretically possible. It's known that they intend to bring WiMP 9 to the Mac, so they may choose to port the plugin as well.