Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 15th Oct 2003 22:47 UTC
Mac OS X I was able to try out and preview Mac OS X Panther 10.3 for the past few months after WWDC and for the last few days I am running a latest version. So, what to expect from Mac OS X when it comes out on the evening of October 24th? Come in and have a look in this preview article. Update: screenshots removed at request of Apple.
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RE: Anonymous (IP: - Posted on 2003-10-16 13:16:56
by CooCooCaChoo on Thu 16th Oct 2003 14:34 UTC

How did the author obtain her copy of Panther? It's not out yet. If she's got a developer's seed, surely she is in flagrant violation of her NDA by posting this "review" of an unreleased product.

Well, what she could have done, like most reviewers do is contact Apple directly and asked whether she could get an early copy for a review.

According to your logic, every "sneak preview" and "behind the scenes" report should get the heck sued out of them.