Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 15th Oct 2003 22:47 UTC
Mac OS X I was able to try out and preview Mac OS X Panther 10.3 for the past few months after WWDC and for the last few days I am running a latest version. So, what to expect from Mac OS X when it comes out on the evening of October 24th? Come in and have a look in this preview article. Update: screenshots removed at request of Apple.
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Re: Clueless!
by Nick on Thu 16th Oct 2003 16:11 UTC

As for compatibility the only major application I know of that won't be compatible with Panther when it ships is VirtualPC and guess who owns that application?!? You are so VERY wrong about Macintosh compatibility through upgrades as opposed to that in the Windows world. I can run apps (even games) from the mid-80's on my brand new G4 running OS X (& Classic). This is not the case in the Windows world. Try to run a Windows 3.1 app in Windows XP. Good Luck! Sure you can run your favorite DOS programs....hahaha!

Correction! VirtualPC runs just fine on Panther! I'm running it right now. VirtualPC is not compatible with G5 regardless of the OS. This is because the lack of endian switching support of the PPC970.

I'd still like to know which apps, that use published APIs, don't work under Panther and work under Jaguar for example.