Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 15th Oct 2003 22:47 UTC
Mac OS X I was able to try out and preview Mac OS X Panther 10.3 for the past few months after WWDC and for the last few days I am running a latest version. So, what to expect from Mac OS X when it comes out on the evening of October 24th? Come in and have a look in this preview article. Update: screenshots removed at request of Apple.
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by Eugenia on Thu 16th Oct 2003 18:26 UTC

>elinida eisai vre?


>ti kaneis ? ola kalaaa?

do3a ton theo

> what is your take, in an overall sense, of Aqua vs. brushed metal? Is Apple slowly completely getting rid of Aqua??

Possibly. I am growing fond of the Metal UI, however, it is a bit too dark.

> keep in mind that it would be Command-Z on a Mac

Of course I know that. But regardless, it does not work.

>surely she is in flagrant violation of her NDA by posting this "review" of an unreleased product.

As you can see this is a *Preview*, and what to EXPECT from OSX 10.3. OReilly and others have _already_ posted their similar articles, just none as in depth. I tend to write [p]reviews, not press releases.

>Eugenia, if you're looking to play new Windows Media files on OS X, try Mplayer

Sorry, but I need it as a browser plugin. I need it for