Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 28th Oct 2003 22:54 UTC
Mac OS X Everyone knows of Mac OS X's Finder file manager, but not many know of a third party file manager by CocoaTech called Path Finder. Path Finder is one of the most interesting products that I have come across lately. It's a file manager, but with a lot of extras. It can reside happily next to Finder, or it can replace it completely, drawing its own desktop, by unloading the Finder altogether.
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re: Anything ...
by debman on Tue 28th Oct 2003 19:27 UTC

you are kidding me right?

are you talking abut the old finder or the new finder?

if you are talking about the old finder, then yes I would certainly agree with you, but the new finder is SOOOO much better than Windows Explorer. it is faster to navigate, you have quicker access to your important folders and drives, and searching in it is super fast.