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Morphos On, Genesi announced today that four patents owned by Raquel Velasco will be included in Genesi intellectual property portfolio. Read more here.
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next steps...
by bbrv on Fri 31st Oct 2003 15:13 UTC

As we have said on other forums:

1) The patents give us some leverage against much bigger companies who have infringed on them (again, these are HARDWARE patents). We may be able to force the payment of license fees where infringement can be shown and we may enter an agreement with a law firm specialized to do that sort of thing in the weeks ahead.

2) They could also give us leverage in a cross-licensing situation, and in this case what we are getting might have nothing to do with a STB.

3) They can protect us from bigger companies that might want to slow/stop us.

4) Finally they can give us credibility with institutions and/or investors (particularly as we prepare to go "public").

Roger Remillard was the designer of the ED (Electronic Device) for which the patents were developed. Roger and his patents became part of VisCorp in 1993. We built VisCorp around this device. The ED was a STB that was designed ultimately to run on the AmigaOS. Escom was to be the distributor of the ED in Europe and VisCorp paid a license fee to Escom after Escom acquired Amiga from the CBM bankruptcy. A year later Escom was bankrupt (after nearly $2 billion in revenue in 1995). Then VisCorp tried to buy Amiga from the Escom bankruptcy (we had little choice as we needed the AmigaOS to exist as planned), but without ultimate success (Gateway bought Amiga). When VisCorp abandoned the Amiga acquisition they also abandoned the ED. The Board of Directors felt that without a major distributor the ED was dead. We disagreed with the Board and resigned from VisCorp. They partnered with Iridium. We bought the patents. We know what happened to them. We are still trying...;-) Raquel has been the "Assignee" or owner since 1998.