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BSD and Darwin derivatives The GNU-Darwin Distribution is a free operating system and a popular source of free software for Mac OS X and Darwin-x86 users, but it is also a platform for digital activism. Founded in November of 2000, the Distribution has the stated goal of bringing software freedom to computer users of every stripe, and vigilantly defending digital liberties.
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GNU-Darwin is what happens...
by Xenex on Tue 4th Nov 2003 02:56 UTC

...when a troll writes a software distribution.

Now, to quote myself:

GNU-Darwin is a project founded by a person that goes by the name proclus. This proclus character spends a fair majority of his time replying to valid criticism of his project on sites such as Slashdot and MacSlash.

Unfortunately, this time would be much better spent working on the actual GNU-Darwin project; GNU-Darwin has nothing to offer that hasn't already been done better by either OpenDarwin or Fink.

This "article" is merely another case of proclus wasting time advocating instead of coding.

Maybe GNU-Darwin should be focusing on important things: It's not part of MetaPKG, which Fink and DarwinPorts are. Even the newcomer Gentoo has been invited to take part, while GNU-Darwin hasn't. That can't possibly bode well for GNU-Darwin's future relevance on the platform. Maybe they should be working to become a part of that.

GNU-Darwin is totally irrelevant. If it disappeared tomorrow, no-one would notice. Mac users don't want it, and Free Software advocates don't want Macs.

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