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BSD and Darwin derivatives The GNU-Darwin Distribution is a free operating system and a popular source of free software for Mac OS X and Darwin-x86 users, but it is also a platform for digital activism. Founded in November of 2000, the Distribution has the stated goal of bringing software freedom to computer users of every stripe, and vigilantly defending digital liberties.
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Activist Distribution
by Roy Batty on Tue 4th Nov 2003 05:45 UTC

I can just picture this guy, Stallman, and the eight other GNU-Darwing users sitting around some place resembling a Cambodian re-education camp espousing the evils of proprietary software, singing Kumbaya, and trying to convince people if all software was GPL the world would be utopia.

Maybe if these people would code more and stop talking politics less Hurd would actually get done.

As someone else mentioned, Stallman has said that he would like to see proprietary software illegal. Smells like communism to me. Good thing that nobody takes him seriously.