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BSD and Darwin derivatives The GNU-Darwin Distribution is a free operating system and a popular source of free software for Mac OS X and Darwin-x86 users, but it is also a platform for digital activism. Founded in November of 2000, the Distribution has the stated goal of bringing software freedom to computer users of every stripe, and vigilantly defending digital liberties.
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by dpi on Tue 4th Nov 2003 06:22 UTC

"This is an important distinction, because trying to change the laws *is* "shoving" one's ideas on the world."

Hehe, indeed. Good one! RJW are you also against authorities? Because authorities use appeal to force regulary. "Might makes right"...

Regarding the proprietary world. According to you, may software authors of product X argument their software is better than another product? May they argument their license/EULA is better than license Y? Don't they try to convince people just like RMS is trying to convince people?