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BSD and Darwin derivatives The GNU-Darwin Distribution is a free operating system and a popular source of free software for Mac OS X and Darwin-x86 users, but it is also a platform for digital activism. Founded in November of 2000, the Distribution has the stated goal of bringing software freedom to computer users of every stripe, and vigilantly defending digital liberties.
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I hate Darwin
by bootme on Tue 4th Nov 2003 12:37 UTC

I wish it worked, but I play with a few OS's for x86 though I'm not exactly a guru. But Darwin booted to a commandprompt and from that point on was a command line unix nightmare. Sorry, I'm not that much into commandlines, and the paths wouldn't set no matter what I tried. The built in X wouldn't boot, and there is no rhyme or reason to the documentation. Every web site points to some other outdated website, and none of it seems to pertain to a correct way to get Xfree running. I wish I knew enouph to use it, I really wanted to use it, if just to give Apple a reason to pursue the X86 side of things. Go ahead and flame, but I'm still learning the Unix side of things, but its too bad Beos died. I hope it can be rekindled. If someone would just push it into the 64 bit side of things, it might take back off...