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BSD and Darwin derivatives The GNU-Darwin Distribution is a free operating system and a popular source of free software for Mac OS X and Darwin-x86 users, but it is also a platform for digital activism. Founded in November of 2000, the Distribution has the stated goal of bringing software freedom to computer users of every stripe, and vigilantly defending digital liberties.
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by Great Cthulhu on Tue 4th Nov 2003 19:55 UTC

What I'm trying to say is that "Linux" may not have become what it is today, but some other equivalent project probably would have - with or without the GPL.

I'm not talking about an equivalent project, I'm talking about Linux in particular.

Look at it this way: what other free OS has achieved Linux's notoriety? None. Now, if the BSDL is so superior to the GPL (and therefore RMS's contribution is negligible), then why is it that the BSDs aren't more popular than Linux? It can't just be the mascot...

We can talk about what could have been, or what has actually happened. I believe that the GPL is part of the reason of Linux's success. You have not presented any arguments that could lead me to think otherwise.