Linked by Corey Holcomb-Hockin on Wed 5th Nov 2003 19:48 UTC
FreeBSD I've been using computers since I was quite young and have been using Unixlike OSes for about two years. Most of my life I've used Macs and only started using Windows and Unixlike OSes recently for programming. I'm good at learning OSes as long as they are documented. I've been using FreeBSD for about a year and a half.
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Re: Anonymous
by Bascule on Wed 5th Nov 2003 20:28 UTC

And with the recent work it scales better than FreeBSD

That's a highly dubious claim. The author of the paper makes it because NetBSD now scales 1:1 on the mmap() benchmark, while FreeBSD is still O(n). However, a number of performance aspects of the system are untested, such as anything to do with SMP/multithreading, or I/O scheduling (i.e. sustained I/O throughput when handling a shared resource contention) Also, there was no test of general VM/heap performance, an area where FreeBSD has dominated for quite some time.