Linked by Corey Holcomb-Hockin on Wed 5th Nov 2003 19:48 UTC
FreeBSD I've been using computers since I was quite young and have been using Unixlike OSes for about two years. Most of my life I've used Macs and only started using Windows and Unixlike OSes recently for programming. I'm good at learning OSes as long as they are documented. I've been using FreeBSD for about a year and a half.
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ports - highly overated
by Dino on Wed 5th Nov 2003 22:37 UTC

I use FreeBSD at work and I must say the "port" method is highly overated. Most of the users will simply giveup after spending 3 hours compiling X and Mozilla. True it has the "packages" collection but there is no way to find out what packages are avilable and what to install. FreeBSd will probably pickup a lot more users if the adopted Debian's apt-get system (like fink in OSX). Oh well...