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FreeBSD I've been using computers since I was quite young and have been using Unixlike OSes for about two years. Most of my life I've used Macs and only started using Windows and Unixlike OSes recently for programming. I'm good at learning OSes as long as they are documented. I've been using FreeBSD for about a year and a half.
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Re: Yousef Ourabi
by V. Velox on Thu 6th Nov 2003 05:27 UTC

"The isseue with the icons is not that one cannot make them. But one should not have to make them. ITs a lazy thing on the part of the FreeBSD package maintainers. RedHat and Gentoo both manage to create/install icons and install them in the menu's. Which is a major tic for me that freebsd does not. if it take that approach it might as well not have gnome/kde in the ports.
I am not bashing FreeBSD. I love the OS, I am complaining more about its approach to the desktop."

LOL, no it is a issue of laziness. Packages should not mess with users home dirs till they are told to do so by that user.