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FreeBSD I've been using computers since I was quite young and have been using Unixlike OSes for about two years. Most of my life I've used Macs and only started using Windows and Unixlike OSes recently for programming. I'm good at learning OSes as long as they are documented. I've been using FreeBSD for about a year and a half.
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One User's Thoughts on FreeBSD 4.9
by william verna on Thu 6th Nov 2003 06:43 UTC

A good analysis of your experience with FreeBSD 4.9 so far. I hope to read more of your experience with fbsd in future articles. No doubt it is a great os and the ports collection is really fun to use. To print the index of everything in the ports collection you could:
# cd /usr/ports
# make print-index >
And to build an index of all the ports in html document:
# cd /usr/ports
# make readmes

(A great source of info for newbies to FreeBSD I highly recommend -- The Complete FreeBSD 4th Edition, by Greg Lehey, O'Reilly Community Press 2003)