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FreeBSD I've been using computers since I was quite young and have been using Unixlike OSes for about two years. Most of my life I've used Macs and only started using Windows and Unixlike OSes recently for programming. I'm good at learning OSes as long as they are documented. I've been using FreeBSD for about a year and a half.
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Re: sfdjlkf
by Bascule on Thu 6th Nov 2003 21:49 UTC

I'm also blown away by the author of the article using the FreeBSD 2.x method of kernel configuration+building. This hasn't been the recommended method for years upon years now. Read /usr/src/Makefile for details.

I prefer the old method personally, and I've seen no technical reason not to use it. It's quite convenient if you only check out the src-sys tree via CVSup (thus the toplevel Makefile won't be present), with the plan of a binary upgrade to bring the system to the next release. I admit the article could teach a bit more pertainent practices, or at least show both, but there's no technical reason to be critical of this method, at least that I'm aware of.