Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 6th May 2002 15:30 UTC
Features, Office When I received the "Learning Red Hat Linux, 2nd Edition" book from O'Reilly, I thought that this would be an in-depth guide, a way to hack around the Red Hat Linux operating system. It was a bit of let down for me to see that the book was for beginners. But, reading through it, I realized that the beauty of the book is in teaching new users lessons that are solid and well constructed throughout its 350 pages.
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Scot Hacker
by mario on Tue 7th May 2002 13:33 UTC

Yep, I already have all the Linux books I need, but I would definitely hand out the nickels for a Linux book written by Scot. Then it would be lightweight and fun, and in-depth at the same time. You could choose the depth and detail that suits you, and the book would never "talk over your head".

My gripe with all these Linux books around is that even those "Linux unleashed" and "Big book of Linux" type of books are not really that advanced. I mean, they all contain the same ol' shite, more or less useless for a Unix poweruser. A Hacker book would probably contain at least some new and interesting things that I didn't know, and it would be overall more fun to read than anything out there at the moment.