Linked by Gabe Yoder on Tue 11th Nov 2003 21:51 UTC
FreeBSD We've all heard the age old argument second only to the vi vs. emacs religious wars: FreeBSD Vs Linux. As a long time linux user, I decided that is was time I spent some time on the other side of the fence to see if it was any greener. Oh, and by the way, vi rules.
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Answers to couple questions
by MattPie on Tue 11th Nov 2003 22:07 UTC

Sound support:
Instead of doing a kernel recompile, you can also do 'kldload pcm', or add it to /boot/loader (see: And everyone note: SB Live! cards do work, unlike some of the FUD you seem to hear a lot.

He mentions global CFLAGS:
They're in /etc/make.conf

And the /etc/passwd:
The *real* password file is /etc/master.passwd. After you run vpiw, it generates a passwd and shadow from it.