Linked by Gabe Yoder on Tue 11th Nov 2003 21:51 UTC
FreeBSD We've all heard the age old argument second only to the vi vs. emacs religious wars: FreeBSD Vs Linux. As a long time linux user, I decided that is was time I spent some time on the other side of the fence to see if it was any greener. Oh, and by the way, vi rules.
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Sound cards
by Bascule on Tue 11th Nov 2003 22:07 UTC

Most of the hardware worked without any intervention on my part. The sound card required building a custom kernel, but the kernel building process is well documented and rather painless

Which sound card? Linux users seem to come to FreeBSD obsessed with rebuilding their kernel, when most of the time you need only rebuild it when upgrading to a newer branch.

The FreeBSD bootloader is capable of linking modules with the kernel before starting it, so chances are rather than rebuilding your entire kernel you could've simply added snd_pcm_load="YES" to /boot/loader.conf