Linked by Gabe Yoder on Tue 11th Nov 2003 21:51 UTC
FreeBSD We've all heard the age old argument second only to the vi vs. emacs religious wars: FreeBSD Vs Linux. As a long time linux user, I decided that is was time I spent some time on the other side of the fence to see if it was any greener. Oh, and by the way, vi rules.
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Not User Friendly?
by Steve W on Tue 11th Nov 2003 23:39 UTC

I can certainly understand calling FreeBSD not user-friendly. But to have Gentoo user call it not user friendly just boggles the mind.
I installed Gentoo last week and I'm still trying to get settled. I think I'll like it once it's done but sheeesh!
To have to create system config files by hand DURING the install is ridiculous. Not to mention sshd doesn't automatically create keys so the server doesn't start.
Anyway, reasonably unbiased article coming from a Linux user. It could have been alot worse.